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The following is a listing of select registration statements filed between January 31 and February 11, 2000 which have been flagged as containing an interesting transaction, offering, type of business or other items of interest. A sample description is provided, followed by issuer’s counsel, form type, description of business or transaction, and the maximum offering price of the offering. To see a full profile of the registration, click on the form type.

  • amendment to Form S-4 exchange offer on Form S-3 registering additional shares
    Wilson Sonsini magnetic recording heads for rigid disk drives
    S-3 $154,225,000

  • distribution of common & warrants by closed-end investment co. to its shareholders
    Ogden Newell holding co.-mortgage banking
    S-1 $8,249,810

  • exchange offer, US & foreign denominated notes
    Nixon Peabody exchange offer
    S-4 $750,522,450

  • merger in conjunction with target asset sale
    McLaughlin Stern merger of sub. w/ Dialysis Corp. of America
    S-4 $19,352,407

  • merger, US-Foreign with England Company, UK
    White Case merger of sub. w/ Healthworld Corp.
    F-4 $233,658,725

  • merger, foreign & U.S. cos., will be followed by IPO on foreign exchange
    King Spalding merger of sub. w/ PalEx, Inc.
    F-4 $109,295,822

  • merger, spin-off of target in separate transaction prior to merger
    Arnall Golden merger w/ MCS, Inc.
    S-4 $15,672,133

  • registration of common underlying PRIDES offering, by separate company
    LeBoeuf Lamb holding co.-insurance
    S-3 $103,500,000

  • reoffer/secondary of common acquired via investment agreement
    Robinson Silverman developer of interactive entertainment software
    S-3 $1,237,311

  • reoffer/secondary of common upon conversion of interests in a loan agreement
    Mayer Brown REIT-bulk distribution & light industrial facilities
    S-3 $3,797,631

  • reoffer/secondary of operating division tracking stock
    Simpson Thacher provider of genomic information services & products
    S-3 $363,222,383

  • reoffer/secondary of shares issued to underwriter
    Blau Kramer manufacturer of flight instrumentation products
    S-3 $1,526,250

  • rescission offer, for participants of employee stock purchase plan
    Wilson Sonsini Internet postage service provider
    S-1 $5,732,000

  • shelf of registrant's common to issued upon exchange of shares of registrant's subsidiary
    Wilson Sonsini manufacturer of fiber optic components for optical networks
    S-3 $72,711,268

  • subscription rights offering in conjunction with reorganization
    Fulbright Jaworski subscription rights offering
    S-1 $90,000,000
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