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Current Reports: Forms 8-K
The following list of Forms 8-K was derived from a daily workload printout provided by the SEC. An * represents an amended Form. (SB) after an issuer's name refers to the filing of an 8-KSB by a small business issuer. Item numbers correspond to the following events: Item 1. Changes in control of registrant/Item 2. Acquisition or disposition of assets/Item 3. Bankruptcy or receivership/Item 4. Changes in registrant's certifying accountant/Item 5. Other events/Item 6. Resignations of registrants directors/Item 7. Financial statements and exhibits/Item 8. Change in fiscal year.

Company NameItemsPeriod Date
1st Source Corp.406-16-2000
3com Corp.5,706-05-2000
Active Software Inc.2,702-11-2000
Active Software Inc.2,704-07-2000
Active Software Inc.2,704-25-2000
Activision Inc. /NY5,706-12-2000
Adc Telecommunications Inc.5,706-14-2000
Aetna Inc.506-16-2000
Agl Resources Inc.5,706-15-2000
Alanco Environmental Resources Corp.4,706-14-2000
Allstate Corp.5,706-15-2000
Alltrista Corp.5,706-01-2000
Amedisys Inc.1,2,3,4,506-05-2000
American Electric Power Company Inc.2,706-15-2000
American Telesource International Inc.5,706-16-2000
Applied Analytical Industries Inc.5,706-14-2000
At Comm Corp.505-23-2000
Autologic Information International Inc.5,706-13-2000
Benedek Communications Corp.2,703-31-2000
Berlitz International Inc.506-06-2000
Carramerica Realty Corp.5,706-01-2000
Catskill Financial Corp.5,703-31-2000
Centex Corp.5,706-14-2000
Central Power & Light Co. /TX/106-15-2000
Cereus Technology Partners Inc.5,706-12-2000
Champion Enterprises Inc.5,706-16-2000
Citrus Financial Services Inc.106-13-2000
Cnl Hospitality Properties Inc.2,706-01-2000
Computer Automation Systems Inc.5,706-05-2000
Computerized Thermal Imaging Inc.704-18-2000
Consolidated Capital Properties V2,706-02-2000
Corel Corp.5,706-15-2000
Covest Bancshares Inc.5,706-16-2000
Cray Inc.2,704-02-2000
Data Critical Corp.704-03-2000
Delta Galil Industries Ltd.6-K01-01-2000
Delta Galil Industries Ltd.6-K02-01-2000
Delta Galil Industries Ltd.6-K05-01-2000
Delta Galil Industries Ltd.6-K05-01-2000
Delta Galil Industries Ltd.6-K05-01-2000
Delta Galil Industries Ltd.6-K06-01-2000
Delta Galil Industries Ltd.6-K04-01-1999
Delta Galil Industries Ltd.6-K04-01-1999
Delta Galil Industries Ltd.6-K05-01-1999
Delta Galil Industries Ltd.6-K05-01-1999
Delta Galil Industries Ltd.6-K05-01-1999
Delta Galil Industries Ltd.6-K07-01-1999
Delta Galil Industries Ltd.6-K08-01-1999
Delta Galil Industries Ltd.6-K08-01-1999
Delta Galil Industries Ltd.6-K08-01-1999
Delta Galil Industries Ltd.6-K09-01-1999
Delta Galil Industries Ltd.6-K10-01-1999
Delta Galil Industries Ltd.6-K11-01-1999
Delta Galil Industries Ltd.6-K11-01-1999
Discover Card Master Trust I5,706-14-2000
Discover Card Master Trust I5,706-14-2000
Dusa Pharmaceuticals Inc.5,706-15-2000
Ea Engineering Science & Technology Inc.506-16-2000
Edison Schools Inc.5,706-16-2000
Eltrax Systems Inc.5,706-12-2000
Fingermatrix Inc.5,709-22-1999
First Bank Corporate Card Master Trust5,706-16-2000
Forest Glade International Inc.2,5,706-01-2000
Frontline Capital Group2,706-02-2000
Fvc Com Inc.5,706-08-2000
Glennaire Financial Services Inc.406-15-2000
Greenpoint Mortgage Securities Inc./5,706-14-2000
Healthtronics Inc. /GA2,706-01-2000
Henry Jack & Associates Inc.106-16-2000
Hsb Group Inc.506-16-2000
Icici Bank Ltd.6-K05-31-2000
Ikon Receivables Llc2,705-25-2000
Inacom Corp.306-16-2000
Ip Voice Com Inc.5,705-24-2000
Ishopper Com Inc.2,706-01-2000
Jagnotes Com5,706-12-2000
Jaws Technologies Inc. /NY2,704-20-2000
Jdn Realty Corp.506-16-2000
Klever Marketing Inc.5,705-16-2000
Koger Equity Inc.5,706-16-2000
Laser Power Corp./FA506-13-2000
Lehman Brothers Holdings Inc.5,705-31-2000
Life Medical Technologies Inc. /UT/105-11-2000
Louis Dreyfus Natural Gas Corp.2,5,706-15-2000
Madge Networks Nv6-K04-02-2000
Medimmune Inc. /DE512-31-2000
Medimmune Inc. /DE512-31-2000
Metlife Inc.5,706-16-2000
Metris Master Trust705-15-2000
Metris Receivables Inc.705-15-2000
Microsoft Corp.5,706-07-2000
Mikohn Gaming Corp.406-13-2000
Myturn Com Inc.506-05-2000
Namibian Copper Mines Inc.506-09-2000
Nelnet Student Loan Corp.- 25,706-01-2000
Neogen Corp.2,706-02-2000
Network Commerce Inc.5,706-02-2000
New England Telephone & Telegraph Co.706-13-2000
Omicron Technologies Inc.6,706-09-2000
Onemain Com Inc.5,706-07-2000
Pierce International Inc.206-07-2000
Pnc Mort Accept Corp. Commerc Mort Pass Thr Ce5,706-12-2000
Powertel Inc. /DE/5,705-30-2000
Proxymed Inc. /ft Lauderdale/5,706-16-2000
Psinet Inc.2,706-15-2000
Public Service Co. of Oklahoma106-15-2000
Residential Asset Mortgage Products Inc.706-16-2000
Reunion Industries Inc.5,706-14-2000
Reuters Group PLC /ADR/6-K05-31-2000
Santa Fe Gaming Corp.5,706-12-2000
Saxton Inc.506-13-2000
Semx Corp.5,706-01-2000
Sfac New Holdings Inc.506-16-2000
Sfc New Holdings Inc.506-16-2000
Signature Eyewear Inc.506-14-2000
Silicon Valley Bancshares5,706-16-2000
Silicon Valley Bancshares5,706-16-2000
Silverthorne Production Co.704-25-2000
Sonus Communication Holdings Inc.2,5,703-29-2000
Southwestern Electric Power Co.106-15-2000
Spartan Oil Corp.1,206-16-2000
Starnet Financial Inc.4,5,706-01-2000
Structured Asset Mortgage Investments Inc.506-02-2000
Structured Asset Mortgage Investments Inc.505-25-2000
Structured Asset Mortgage Investments Inc.505-25-2000
Structured Asset Mortgage Investments Inc.505-25-2000
Sunglass Hut International Inc.206-02-2000
Surgical Laser Technologies Inc. /DE/2,4,706-01-2000
Symposium Corp.5,706-09-2000
Teamstaff Inc.5,706-15-2000
Technical Communications Corp.4,706-14-2000
Tenet Healthcare Corp.5,706-13-2000
Transkaryotic Therapies Inc.506-16-2000
Tricom SA6-K06-16-2000
Trimark Holdings Inc.1,706-06-2000
Twistee Treat Corp./NV1,5,6,704-06-2000
Unionbancal Corp.5,706-15-2000
Universe2u Inc.4,706-15-2000
Va Linux Systems Inc.5,705-23-2000
Vantas Inc.2,706-01-2000
Virginia Gas Co.5,706-13-2000
Vornado Realty Lp5,705-25-2000
Vornado Realty Trust5,705-25-2000
Vpn Communications Corp.5,706-14-2000
Wells Fargo Asset Securities Corp.5,706-16-2000
Wellsford Real Properties Inc.506-16-2000
West Texas Utilities Co.106-15-2000
Whitehall Enterprises Inc.1,2,3,4,5,6,7,8,902-01-2000
World Financial Network National Bank5,706-15-2000
Xerox Corp.506-16-2000
Zebra Technologies Corp./DE704-03-2000

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